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Susan Sontag

Scholarship Tours (Established 2019) leaves the operation of the tour to Tours of Distinction, the Las Vegas bus tour firm with 42 years of experience and highly rated by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Luxury tour buses will provide you with luxury seating, foot rests, outlets, USB ports, WiFi (when available), media entertainment system, and lavatory. On all tours a friendly and informative tour manager will be on board with you. Customized Tours available such as birthday, anniversary and reunion parties featuring Las Vegas entertainment!
Scholarship Tours attracts individual bookings from Las Vegas, the U.S. and abroad, as well as group bookings from national and international service club associations, armed forces associations, alumni associations, education associations, health care associations, governmental associations, non-profit associations, retirement communities, and churches to name a few. On Sunday afternoons we introduce these groups to their Las Vegas counterparts at a special, pre-arranged social event. All non-profit group bookings receive a 15% commission.
Scholarship Tours, along the way, impact local communities with positive economical stimulation. We impact Native American reservations by allowing for the sharing of their culture, art and the human connection with the beautiful landscapes throughout their colonies. We create an everlasting and favorable impact on ourselves and to those we tell our stories and share our pictures with. We impact qualified Nevada students, by meeting their social, economic and educational needs with our tours’ generated scholarships awarded to them.
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